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The children’s folklore ensemble Šarišanček was founded at the Park of culture and recreation in 1986. Its role is to revive folk manners and traditions of the Eastern Slovak Region, especially the traditions from the Šariš Region, and preserve this great treasure of dances, songs and music. Even the name of ensemble is already pointing to bond with the youthful folk ensemble Šarišan, for which it forms a natural base.

The ensemble consists of three components – dance, musical and singing. Currently the collective brings together more than 60 members. Most of them are mainly students of primary and secondary schools.

During its existence, a number of children took turns in the ensemble, and folklore has become a lifelong hobby or even profession for many of them. Children from Šarišanček form a natural base for older Šarišan as well as many other folk and non-folklore collectives.

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